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Lisa Matthias, Airborne
Amanda Boulos, Night Lights
Lisa Matthias, Reticulate
Amanda Boulos, Vigil Candle
Amanda Boulos, Big Eyes

129 Tecumseth St, Toronto, ON, M6J 2H2

Lower Toronto Route

Lisa Matthias | Ecological Constructs

Exhibited artist: Lisa Matthias

Amanda Boulos | Wheels

Exhibited artist: Amanda Boulos

Curator: Ross [Hafiz] Lalani-Jennings

Birch Contemporary will be presenting the Toronto debut of the Calgary-based print-making Lisa Matthias. Lisa’s work is informed and inspired by her training as an ecologist, her interdisciplinary practices examines environmental footprint in the Anthropocene Epoch.

A Room With a View Gallery is pleased to present a new exhibition by the Toronto based painter Amanda Boulos. Engaging with national narratives from Palestine, Lebanon and Canada, Boulos explores how oral histories undergo constant metamorphoses.

Amanda Boulos | Big Eyes | Performance and Print launch
Saturday, September 25th
6 to 9 p.m.

In English

In celebration of the inaugural Gallery Week Toronto, A Room With a View Gallery is delighted to host a unique performance by artist Amanda Boulos.

Amanda will be performing ‘Big Eyes’ written in reflection of her exhibition; Wheels.

The performance will commence around 6:30 and be accompanied by refreshments. After the performance there will be an opportunity to view the exhibition.

Print Launch | Big Eyes is a limited edition hand finished print released in line with the inaugural Gallery Weekend Toronto.

Reservations required. Please consult the gallery website for full event registration and print reservation details.

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