Sasha Pierce, Shippo VI
Sasha Pierce, Shippo VII
Sasha Pierce, Shippo X

3044 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON, M6P 1Z3

Dupont / Junction Route


Exhibited artist: Sasha Pierce

Zalucky Contemporary is proud to present Shippo, a solo exhibition by Toronto-based artist Sasha Pierce. In this latest series involving paintings and watercolour drawings on paper, the artist explores new horizons through the history of complex geometric designs. For Pierce, the starting point is Wagara—a system of traditional Japanese patterns that date back to the 8th century. While most Wagara designs are derived from nature, the enjoined circles of the “Shippo” pattern are based on Buddhist principles of interconnection and infinite possibility. Pierce imbues this historic pattern with her own colour palette and trademark style of tightly woven lines that radiate from the centre. In this way, each composition seems to recede into some distant point in space and time, recalling—uncannily—the incredible images of galaxy clusters recently delivered by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. From those expansive views of outer space, to the delicate precision of the “Shippo” patterns, Pierce’s works evoke scales both minute and galactic.

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